Introduction to Black Water Recycling

Activated sludge process is a proven biological wastewater (sewage) treatment widely used for the treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewaters. This water contains bacteria, pathogens, and food particles, which can decay and is more difficult to treat than grey water. Black water can be reused to irrigate your garden or for flushing of toilets. The advantage of the biological waste water treatment plant is that treated water can be re- used for irrigation purposes, dust suppression or in flushing of toilets etc. which contributes to saving and recycling of water. The treated water from the plant can also be treated further to potable standards should the need arise.

How does it work?

Micro-organisms already present in waste water treatment feed on the complex substances in the waste water, converting them into simpler substances, improving treatment. Micro- organisms are microscopic, free-living organisms that can reproduce if the proper environmental conditions are met. Due to their growth, adaptability and resilience waste water treatment systems rely on microorganisms to degrade organic material and produce clear effluent water. By harnessing the ability of micro-organisms to tackle the source of larger issues – degrading odour causing compounds.

What does it look like?


Advantages of biological waste water treatment plants

  • Lower operating costs compared to alternatives
  • Efficient degradation and removal of organic and inorganic compounds
  • Improved flexibility to handle a wide range of waste water characteristics and flows
  • No need for final discharge effluent filtration by means of mechanical filtration as final effluent is within legislative discharge requirements.
  • Plants range from single households up to large industrial systems


  • Golf courses
  • Land Development/Housing Development/Estates
  • Mining & Industrial Sites
  • Recreational Facilities (Camp Sites, Caravan Parks)
  • Hotels & Lodges
  • Schools & Educational Campuses
  • Single Households & Agricultural Holdings
  • Remote Mining, Contractors Camps, Construction sites

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